Stock Machines*

Dear customer, we have some stock machines, welcome your inquiry, if you have interesting, we will provide the special price and complete support of technic, as below:


T.STAR+MW-1628    IN LINE Four Colors Printing , Slotter Folder Stitching Gluer

USD 1,000,000 FOB Taiwan

     Computerized Flexo 4 color Printer Slotter Die Cutter Folder Stitching Gluer Machine
     (IN LINE) (1600X2800mm)(view more detail)


OSCIL-3600  Semi Auto Stitching

  USD 50,000 FOB Taiwan

     Single Semi Auto Stitching machine (Stitching head made by France SODEME) (view more detail)


TO 6400  Semi Auto Stitching

USD 75,000 FOB Taiwan

     Dual Semi Auto Stitching machine (Stitching head made by France SODEME) (view more detail)


SW-6  Auto Splicer(made by Japan Shizuoka)(2.2M)  

 USD 130,000 FOB Taiwan


GT-PA 1  Photosensitive resin plate Flexible plate making machine (60 X 84 cm)

 USD 20,000 FOB Taiwan


YTC145-MD2  Automatic Tying Machine (made by Japan TOM)(PE)

USD 95,000 FOB Taiwan


1.8m(NSS-5 Slitter Scorer) (second hand)

USD 50, 000 FOB Taiwan

       NC Slitter Scorer (1.8m) (5 knives 6 scorers) (second hand)


CPS-2  (60”X 96”)(second hand)

USD 430,000 FOB Taiwan

Computerized automatic five color flexo printer slotter die cutter with Vibration stripper


 CPS-2  (1200*2500mm) 

 USD 700,000 FOB Taiwan

Automatic Flexo 4 Colors Printer Slotter Die Cutter with Auto Stacker