What's SOE?
The Ministry of Economic Affairs of the ROC introduced the Symbol of Excellence (SOE) in 1992. This gracefully designed symbol, full of movement, identifies and honors premium products manufactured in Taiwan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs Board of Foreign Trade retains exclusive rights to the symbol, which has been registered in 90 countries and regions around the world by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. All industrial products manufactured in Taiwan may apply for permission to use the symbol. Upon meeting stringent standards the manufacturer is granted the right to apply the symbol to its product, and may join the "Image Enhancement Plan"(IEP) and related incentive programs. The standards and guidelines for the use of the SOE, its tagline signature, and other typographical elements are presented in this manual. Only through strict adherence to these guidelines will the SOE gain international acceptance as a premium mark associated with the highest standards of product quality from Taiwan.

Taiwan's SOE Graphic Identity System consists of six interwoven arcs, and has its origins in the traditional Chinese cultural affinity for "completeness" or "wholeness". Its significance is as follows:

1.The interwoven arcs represent on the one hand, the links connecting Taiwan with the world economy. Looking inward, they represent the bonds of solidarity that unite our manufacturers in the pursuit of excellence.

2. The color red represents the vigor that distinguishes our local industries.

3. The arcs are discrete, yet form part of a larger pattern, suggesting the freewheeling, independent, yet orderly basis of our economic structure.

4.The geometric simplicity of the symbol makes it appropriate for a wide range of applications and enterprises involved in the Taiwan SOE program. 

5. The bold shape of the symbol reflects our unequivocal dedication to quality.
The intricate interweaving of the symbol's elements suggests the complex warp and woof of Taiwan's industrial fabric.
The SOE is a globally recognized sign of exceptional quality and innovative thinking. Since l993, the SOE program has rewarded products and companies that embody "Innovalue" and what it stands for. Every year an expert panel of international judges selects the most exceptional "Made in Taiwan" products according to the following criteria: R&D/lnnovation, Design and Innovation, Quality System, Market, and Brand
Each year, over 300 products make the first cut and are designated SOE winners. From these outstanding and innovative products, the judges select an elite group of up to 30 products as National Award of Excellence (NAOE) winners. Two-thirds receive the highest accolade – the National Gold Award of Excellence.

They represent some of the most revolutionary, high tech, high quality, and high value products on the market. Today, "Made in Taiwan" products have become products of exceptional quality and innovative
thinking. This is Innovalue, the Taiwan advantage – the key to Taiwan’s success