Ming Wei (Dubai)

In 1995 the Dubai Regional Support Facility was established to ensure the Ming Wei philosophy of complete support availability to its customers in the Middle East, North Africa and Western Asia. This focused effort has enabled Ming Wei to become the main supplier of Corrugated Machinery for this high growth area. Ming Wei equipment can now be found in almost every Country within the Middle East boundaries, with major pieces of machinery departing Taiwan for this area every week.

People are important for any operation, but when you are dealing with customers on a daily basis this becomes critical. You need to be able to understand requirements, issues, cultures and give correct answers. The Dubai Facility is no different, with an excellent leader in Mr. Zhao Guang. Having helped set up the facility, he has seen it grow and built long standing relationships between Ming Wei and its Customers. Supporting facts for the strength of Ming Wei and the Dubai facility is the repeat order status and Customer numbers. The following are some statistical details regarding Ming Wei Machinery in this region

• Number of Full Corrugators in the Region: 32, as at Jan 2007
• Number of Main Line Equipment in operation: over 300 (Corrugator is one Main Line )
• Percentage Market of Turn Key sites for Ming Wei: Almost 70%
• Percentage of repeat Business: 86%
Dubai is also critical in supporting our machinery in operation. Our Customers are able to speak with skilled personnel regarding any service and support needs for their equipment. When a machine is stopped it is not earning money, time is critical and it with these tactical goals that Ming Wei has been running its unique Operational Services in Dubai .

Along with the impressive Equipment Numbers and trusted support partnership, comes the knowledge gained from being in the region. This has enabled us to fully understand the market and its needs. Research and Development is key to the Ming Wei strategy and feedback from our Customers on a global basis is paramount. Dubai is now one of the Design Requirement Source Units for our Development Program.
Ming Wei's ambition is to continue the efficiency of Corrugated Activities around its Global Support Facilities, allowing it to bring innovation and increase profitability for all our Customers.