SODEME Company

The SODEME Company, created in 1979, is based near ANGERS, in Western France. We study, manufacture and market fully automatic and semi-automatic sealing machines dedicated to the production of :

Corrugated boxes.
Wooden boxes for fruit and vegetables.
Wooden pallets.

For more than 25 years, SODEME has been occupying the incontestable position of world specialist in the very complex field of stitching wood and cardboard.
This know-how let us work with the biggest European manufacturers of casemakers.

Since the beginning, SODEME have designed and patented for the Corrugated Industry the oscillating stitching head which has revolutionized the profession. After this, all manufacturers of machines have adopted this technology.

Our fully automatic and semi-automatic machines allow to seal with stitches, glue or taping, single and two piece boxes, in corrugated or solid board. In automatic mode, the stitching speed can reach 1400 stitches per minute. All our machines benefit from the latest technologies and are renowned for their robustness and their reliability.
Our sales and technical network gives us the capacity to supply “turnkey” plants all over the world.

Today, SODEME and MING WEI PAPERWARE MACHINERY Co. have taken the decision to become partners. The Folder Gluer Stitcher with bottom printing is the first machine of this type on the world market, and it can be integrated into MING WEI T.Star printing machines. This whole assembly will be exhibited at the forthcoming Sino Shanghai 2005 fair.

SODEME and MING WEI, collaborating within the MAX GROUP, will be able to offer a real force to the service of cardboard box producers trade, such as :

research and development.
high technology.
after sale services.
effective accompaniment in every domain.